24, Aug 2022

After the long-awaited release of the first version of the web application, it turns out that no one knows about your startup (which, of course, is absolutely necessary for all people on the planet), and for some reason users do not line up with a request to accept their money and enjoy as soon as possible. your new product.

As experience shows, one well-written SAAS product is not enough to build a profitable business. It’s great if you have a marketing budget. It is very good if you know what to do with it, because the approach to the formation of a promotion strategy requires both consistency and ingenuity: startups are almost always limited in money. In this article, I will describe how to most rationally allocate time and money to promote your product.

Promoting your service, of course, should be part of a well-designed marketing strategy. However, very often start-ups do not have the time or resources to develop a brand and plan detailed marketing activities for their product. Therefore, before you attack the wallets of potential customers, I want you to do a little exercise that will help make your promotion strategy much more effective.

Right now, write on a piece of paper: “My service solves problem X for audience Y in a unique way Z.” Naturally, the letters XYZ must be replaced with the information that is relevant to you.


Problem X

Describe the problem your service should solve. Briefly and concisely, in a few words. The search engine solves the problem of finding information among 15,000,000 Runet sites. E-mail service solves the problem of fast transfer of information and documents through the network. Why does your service exist? What problem does it solve?

Audience Y

Describe the target audience of your project. I beg you: do not tell anyone under any circumstances that your service is created for everyone. Remember: for everyone means for no one. Who will use your project? For whom will it be of value? Whose problems will be solved? Who will be upset if your project ceases to exist? Who decides what is worth using your service? IT-shniki, financiers, marketers? The better you describe your customers, the cheaper it will cost you to contact them in the end.

Way Z

Agree, if the problem you described is acute, then its solution already exists, regardless of your service. Another thing is that your solution to the problem should be so good that its appearance, if not change the world, then at least eclipse all other solutions, otherwise why would you take on your project, right?