24, Aug 2022
Untested but Valuable Ideas for your content strategy

There are still ideas that I have not tested on my own skin, but which, according to data from competitors and personal feelings, will give a good result.

  1. Product Hunt
    In the articles that I studied on Product Hunt, the low efficiency of this site in terms of sales is striking. But if you can get a good link and traffic at a low cost, why not. Moreover, there are already a lot of checklists for preparation.

So, we plan to launch a campaign on Product Hunt soon. Add me as a friend and write to me if you need to vote for your product.

  1. Medium
    Here I like the example of Tim Soulo’s blog and the very idea of ​​publishing valuable and interesting articles for which it is difficult to find good semantics and therefore it is better not to publish them on the site’s blog.

As far as I know, the secret to reach is not only great content, but also the ability to get material approved in The Startup community, which includes more than 600 thousand subscribers. If anyone has interesting experience and recommendations on Medium, please share in the comments.

As a user, I don’t like Twitter. But when you start working seriously with English-language platforms and communicate with foreign experts, you see that this is a huge part of the Anglonet life. The activity of both the person and the company on Twitter looks like a rule of good form.

  1. YouTube
    Being able to optimize a video for YouTube and turning it into a permanent source of traffic is not the same thing. Yes, you can transform some of your text materials into a video story.

But regularly filming, editing, designing and distributing videos will take so much time that for noticeable results you will need to dedicate one person to this. And yet you have to go there.

Video content makes it easier for the user to perceive information, shows your face and thus inspires more confidence in the product.

  1. Podcasts
    Tom Hunt once wrote to me on Facebook, a marketer who builds content marketing for business only on the basis of podcasts. After researching this issue, I found out that this is a separate large traffic channel, which also requires a lot of time and money to build up. We have not tested it yet, but if we try, I will share my experience.

All of the above ideas and instructions are not an exhaustive list. We are constantly testing new platforms and ideas for content, but we do not continue to work on each of them.

If I had such an instruction at the beginning of the journey, I would have achieved results 2 times faster. But there is one more nuance.

You need money to continuously grow your organic traffic. If you do not have external investments, then you can get them only by successfully converting the flow of users that you attracted with your first efforts. Therefore, you cannot be successful in SEO over a long period of time without success in marketing and product management.